Polar Pin

Metal Name Bars

Personalized name bars with your logo and text

A name bar personalized with your name and your logo for your staff members attract’s positive attention and creates an excellent first impression for any organization. Name bars, can be customized to a wide range of sizes and designs, with numerous options for fitting and finishing your name badge. Polar Pin, can provide you with extensive options of fonts, colours and other display features, and generate personalized colour artwork before making up prototype samples for approval prior to full production.

The process can be etched with a colour fill and thin epoxy coating to protect the namebar. Some name bars are die struck with a soft enamel colour fill. Various platings are gold, nickel, and antique bronze.

Minimum order 10 pcs.

Standard attachments on the back of the name bar are a safety catch, magnetic backing, two screwbacks, two butterfly clutches.

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Sample Products

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