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Five reasons to choose us

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We understand your time is precious. We use state of the art technology and offer a toll-free number 1-877-polarEH to ensure quick response time to all your inquiries.


In order to meet your promotional needs, we take as much time as you need to discuss the details of your order with you from design to delivery. Let our 25 years of experience help make your decisions easier. You can contact us by phone using our toll free number 1 877 POLAR EH or e-mail, your choice.


We stand behind our products and check every order for quality before delivering it to your door. We work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction.


We will provide you with products with purpose and value. Who wants to spend money on giveaways that become the next days throwaways? We will work with you to ensure your items will stay relevant over time.


We are constantly finding new products to offer. In this time of rapid global change, we feel it is important to offer products that support the world’s natural and social systems, rather than destroy. Our green line of products made from recycled, renewable and reused materials, by socially responsible manufacturers and craftsmen, are designed with a better world in mind.