Polar Pin

Frequently Asked Questions

Polar PinWill green products cost me more?

Sometimes, and here are a few reasons why….

Green products often cost more as they are made in North America where labour costs alone are 10 times those in developing countries.

They are made from recycled and renewable materials, whose use is on the rise, but still marginal when compared to the conventional, virgin materials used in most promotional products.

We choose to offer low minimum quantities to our customers to encourage ordering what you need, not what over inflated minimum quantities dictate you get.

We are constantly finding new designers and manufacturers around the world who coming up with new greener products at reduced cost to both you and our world - economically, socially and environmentally. Let us introduce you to their world of innovative products.

How long does it take to produce and ship an order of lapel pins?

Production time varies depending on quantity ordered, the size of each pin, the number of colors, and the complexity of the design of your pin. The pins are normally delivered 5-6 weeks after art approval. We can usually offer rush (Fed-Ex, UPS) shipping and complete an order in less than 3- weeks!

Which are the best quality lapel pins?

Generally, the best quality pins are called cloisonnÈ. CloisonnÈ pins are durable, show excellent color separation and are great for intricate designs.

What kind of pins are the best value?

This will depend somewhat on your design, the number of colors you want, and the quality level you are seeking. For color designs, the photo-etched provides great value at less expense. Die struck pins, either with the recesses filled with color or in metals with raised sections polished have always been a popular and inexpensive choice.

Can I see a sample of your work?

Of course! We can often mail out sample strips showing the different types of pins, and/or some different design ideas. There is usually no charge for these samples. Please use our Contact Us page to request samples.

Do I need to have artwork for my pin design?

Not necessarily. For fast turn around and accuracy of the design we prefer to be provided with good quality artwork. However, we can often work from letterhead or a business card. Generally, for simple design work or changes we don't even charge. If you want us to create designs for your approval then we do have to charge for our time. Please see our art guidelines for greater detail.

Can I get a sample of my customized pin before a mass quantity of the pin is produced?

Certainly. This is what we refer to as a 'prototype sample'. To make the samples of your pin, the die or mold must be made, and we do have to charge for this. The good news is, if you go ahead with your pin order, the die has already been made and we can pass those savings on to you! Please use our Contact Us page to request pre-production sample pricing.

What if I don't like the pins?

We stand behind our pins 100%. All products are inspected by us before shipping. If there is any error or defect in the items, it will be corrected at no cost to you.