Polar Pin

Custom Products

Polar PinComplete the experience, enhance the awareness of your brand with an attractive package to present your custom product.

We specialize in helping you create and design packaging to establish a unique look.

Polar Pin will quickly quote your custom packaging ideas.

No set-up charge for printed cards.

Please call for quote for 4-color process printed cards.

Prices include labour to assemble item with packaging selected - if ordered at the same time as custom pin or key tag.

Polar Pin offers many options for packaging your pins and other items. These include but are not limited to frames, wooden boxes, jewelry boxes, velvet bags, coin holders, printed attachments. Presentation enhancements carry a strong message. Packaging is wonderful for improving the overall look of your custom products as it adds a measure of quality. Whether it be for retail use or just housing your precious items, a unique package can go a long way.

Call one of our customer service reps to help you best designs a packaging solution, which solves your goals. 1.877.765.2734.