Polar Pin

Design Services

Artwork is free at Polar Pin, whether the promotional products are for your business, sports organization, advertising launch, or other purpose. In almost all cases, we can create your artwork to your specifications in two tries or less. Send us your handwritten drawing, electronic artwork, or photo, and we'll turn it into a file that can be used to create your distinctive promotional product.

We prefer artwork in J-peg or Adobe Illustrator format. We also accept PDF and Adobe PhotoShop. We accept images in most formats (.bmp, .gif, .tif, .psd, .ppt, .doc, and many others) We can digitize, vectorize, edit, create, and refine a design such that it is suitable for commercial applications. Polar Pin design services Guarantee: We believe in developing and maintaining lasting customer relationships and so delivering good customer service is a founding principle for us. If for any reason, you find the design we have delivered to you to be less than perfect, we will either redo the artwork or return your money - no questions.